Form 2290 online filing advanced features

When you have a busy fleet to manage, the last thing in your mind will be to spend hours filing form 2290 due to the unclear filing instructions and confusing workflow steps in the Form 2290 online filing system. It is recommended to choose a trusted IRS approved HVUT Form 2290 e-file service provider to perform secure, quick and cost-effective online form 2290 filing and receive the IRS stamped Schedule 1 instantly.  

Fortunately, Precise2290 provides speed, security, usability, & cost-effectiveness along with some advanced features that have revolutionized the form 2290 e-Filing with the IRS. The benefits from the Precise2290 advanced features like Filing Wizards, e-Wallet, Bulk Import for Multi-businesses, Filing inboxes, Copy filing, e-File validator for error-free filing, and Reward program for tax professionals / individual filers have made it the top form 2290 e-file service provider with the growing client list. Congratulations to our new Precise2290 customers on finding the leading IRS-authorized e-file service provider for Forms 2290 and Form 8849!

The following sections explain why Precise2290’s advanced features clearly make if the leading Form 2290 e-file provider:

Bulk Import for Multi-Businesses

The Excel Bulk-Import feature enables users to upload thousands of businesses form 2290 e-filing data through a single Excel file thus avoiding manual data entry through the online screens. However, the last step of the manual review process has been retained so that the final e-filing submission is only done after the due verification process. This feature has cut down the Tax Professionals effort drastically and instrumental in the spurt in the growth of form 2290 e-filings by Tax Professionals.

Form Filing Wizard

Precise2290 Filing Wizard provides step-by-step instructions to guide users to file form 2290, form 8849, and form 2290 Amendments with ease and without the need for prior training. The workflow steps contain all business rules prescribed by the IRS to ensure that the submitted filing ids easily accepted with minimal rejection. Users can add information on the fly related to the business, vehicles, payment method, and credit vehicles and submit the filing in one go without going to different menu options avoiding confusion.

Precise e-Wallet

Tax Professionals using the Precise2290 services pay the e-file service charge using their credit card and it is time-consuming to enter the credit card information each time they submit the online filing. Precise2290 e-Wallet enables tax professionals and individual filers to buy credit (with no expiration date) and use them for paying service charges for the form 2290 & form 8849 e filing. It is to be noted that Precide e-Wallet credit cannot be used to pay the Form 2290 taxes to the IRS. E-Wallet credit doesn’t have an expiration date and so it can be used for any future Form 2290 & 8849 filing. Since the e-Wallet operates at the account level, the Tax professionals can use e-Wallet to pay for form 2290 & 8849 filings for any number of businesses thereby reducing the number of times credit card information is to be entered.

Precise2290 Credit Reward

Precise2290 rewards the individuals & tax professionals who buy minimum credit of $200 by adding 10% credit to the e-Wallet. Thousands of e-filers have been regularly rewarded with Precise credit and the increasing credit amount every month speaks volumes for the success of the reward program.

e-File Inboxes

All filing records at different workflow stages are segregated and displayed through different filing inboxes like Pending, Submitted, Accepted and Rejected to provide complete visibility of the filing records. The pending filings inbox displays all filings that the user did not complete. Clicking on the edit option allows the user to start from where the filing was stopped and complete the filing without any confusion. Rejected filings are listed in the Rejected filing inbox which the user can edit and resubmit for free to correct the filing. Recent order inbox provides visibility of the recently submitted orders to track the filing status as well as allow downloading the completed form 2290, approved schedule 1, and the IRS payment instructions for the filing.

Form Validator

Precise2290 Form validator validates the information entered by the filer and displays the validation report with a clear message about the filing error. The user is required to confirm each error/warning message before the final filing is submitted. E-file validator is instrumental in drastically reducing the errors in the submitted filings which has made e-filers happy and free from IRS rejections.

And that’s it!  Easy and real self-service, right?  As part of our commitment to make e-filing convenient, we are available via phone at (240) 308-5907 or via email at [email protected]. Contact us today for help getting started!