Top 10 mistakes to avoid during the IRS HVUT Form 2290 e-file for TY 2021-22

There is nothing worse than seeing the annual form 2290 e-File rejected by the IRS and then putting extra effort and money to refile. Avoid IRS HVUT Form 2290 filing mistakes this tax year when you file form 2290 online with and receive your IRS stamped proof of payment (schedule 1) within 5 minutes of the order submission.

Form 2290 e-file
Form 2290 e-file tips to avoid mistakes

We’ve got some tips to make the e-filing process smooth & painless to avoid the agony of refilling your HVUT filing. Filing Form 2290 online before the IRS due date saves you money and gets your vehicle on road timely, but mistakes could prevent you from meeting the Form 2290 Tax Year 2021-22 deadline.

The following sections would help users understand the intricacies of HVUT Form 2290 online filing and provide few tips to avoid any mistakes that could delay the e-filing process:

  1. Mistype email address during sign up: Sign up is very quick & easy with Enter the first & last name, email address (for user id), and a password to open an account. Some users inadvertently type the incorrect email address and complete the sign up process. With the incorrect email address entered in the system, all emails related to the registration confirmation, invoice, Schedule 1, rejections & reminders are sent to the incorrect email address. Precise2290 provides the option to the users to correct the email address through the account.
  2. Incorrect account type during sign up: Some users select the account type as “Tax Professional” instead of the “Only Me” option during the Sign up process. There are additional steps required to be performed by the Tax Professionals including entering the Paid Preparer Tax Identification Number (PTIN). The users who are not tax professional get stuck due to this selection as PTIN is a required field for Tax Professionals and they have to contact the Precise2290 administrator to change the account type.
  3. Business Name & EIN mismatch: The Business Name and Employer Identification Number (EIN) should match with the IRS record stored in their file. In the event of a mismatch, the e-file is rejected and reasons are correctly displayed on the rejected filing. The users are notified about the rejections through emails containing steps to resubmit the rejected filing free of cost. Alternatively, the user can see the error message and the resubmission option on the Precise2290 dashboard screen. Verify the information from the EIN document sent by the IRS or call the IRS help-desk to verify your business information.
  4. E-filing within 2 weeks of receiving a new EIN: For the new EIN, IRS suggest users to wait for at least 2 weeks before e-filing form 2290 as it takes around that many days to update the new EIN in the e-file system. Any submissions done before the 2 weeks period are generally rejected and the users are notified about this rule from IRS and asked to resubmit their order free of cost after the completion of 2 weeks and receive the IRS stamped Schedule 1.
  5. Incorrect Tax Year: You can e-file form 2290 for the current & previous tax years as well as pre-file the form 2290 for the next tax year and so it is important to correctly choose the tax year to avoid the complications of undoing this mistake.
  6. Incorrect First-Use Month: If you are paying the HVUT taxes for the vehicle for the whole year then select July as the first-use month. If the vehicle was bought any time in the tax year after July then the month the vehicle was put on the road will be the first use month. Precise2290 automatically calculate taxes for the vehicles based on the First-Use Month and the Gross Weight Category. It automatically prorates the taxes if the First-Use Month falls after July. If the user incorrectly enters the Begin Month then the incorrect taxes will be calculated during Form 2290 e-filing. Special efforts are required to correct this mistake and it should be avoided in the first place.
  7. Incorrect VIN: Due to the complex format of the VIN, the users often make mistakes while entering the 17 characters and due to that the incorrect VIN is reported on the IRS stamped Schedule 1. File Form 2290 amendment (VIN Correction option) to correct it and get the updated Schedule 1 within 5 minutes.
  8. Incorrect Gross Weight Category: Choosing the wrong vehicle gross weight category during form 2290 e-filing leads to incorrect tax calculation and this means incorrect filing. The user will be required to file for Form 2290 Amendment – Gross Weight Increase to fix this issue and this costs additional time and effort.
  9. Incorrect filing type: If the vehicle is filed under suspended vehicle category even though the vehicle is driven more than 5000 miles (7500 miles for agricultural vehicle) in the tax year then the user has to file for Form 2290 Amendment – Mileage Increase to correct the form 2290 filing. Penalties can be imposed by the IRS on the truck operator for misreporting the filing type.
  10. Incorrect Bank Account#: If you select the Electronic Funds Withdrawal (EFW) option to make the IRS tax payment and enter the incorrect bank account# then the IRS payment system will fail to debit the tax amount from the bank account. This leads to a notice from the IRS with the HVUT penalty and Precise2290 suggest users to be extra cautious while entering the bank account# as there is no way we can validate the bank account before submitting to the IRS e-file system.

These aforementioned issues can be easily avoided by carefully reading the instructions shown on the Precise2290 online screens to prevent any delay in form 2290 e-filing and receiving the IRS stamped Schedule 1 within 5 minutes of the order submission. Precise2290 is committed to providing a good user experience during IRS Form 2290 e-filing and suggests users use the FAQ provided on the website or contact our chat support in case of any confusion.

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